It Will All Come Out In The Wash


Internationale Schmuckkunst vom 9. bis 12.März im Rahmen der mcbw
HANDSHAKE & Dialogue Collective
Schleißheimer Str. 62
80333 München

Eröffnung Donnerstag von 17 bis 20 Uhr
Freitag - Sonntag 12 bis 19 Uhr



HANDSHAKE and Dialogue Collective have been getting to know each other in unusual ways. Over the course of one year the groups have been setting each other a series of ‘mini challenges’ through direct exchanges of everyday information. The collaboration brings together two groups of jewellers from opposite ends of the globe.

Through exchanging images and thoughts recorded at set times of the day, the participants began to share their daily lives in different places.

From bucolic scenes of New Zealand to the cityscapes of London. Can modern communication overcome the distance and bring the groups together? Are online conversations as clear-cut as in real life (IRL) discussions?

This social collaboration becomes jewellery as the two groups display their work together under one roof. A communal washing line is strung up between the two sides. The work is hung out to air. Everything is on view. Finally face-to-face the neighbours come together. Can they iron out the differences? Whatever happens it will all come out in the wash.


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